Confidential Care is a private psychiatric and mental health agency dedicated to providing the highest quality therapeutic mental health services to aid individuals, groups and families through their most difficult and challenging times.

Through therapeutic services, the individual will receive emotional support, work to resolve conflicts with people, understand feelings and problems, and try out new solutions to old problems.

Goals for therapy may be specific (improved behavior, relations with friends or family), or more general (reduced anxiety, improved self-esteem, interpersonal communication skills, stability of mood, self-regulation, substance abuse, etc.) The length of therapeutic services depends on the complexity and severity of problems.

Confidential Care also provides medication management services by a psychiatric nurse practitioner.  A psychiatric nurse practitioner is able to formulate diagnoses, prescribe psychotropic medications, provide related education and perform routine monitoring. Medications are often used in the treatment of mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

While medications do not cure mental health disorders, they can improve symptoms of disorders and help promote recovery. Medication is recognized as first-line treatment for many individuals and often medication is combined with other treatments such as psychotherapy.                                                     

   ********Attention New Clients******** 

Once you are scheduled for your initial appointment at Confidential Care, please go to the 'New Client Information' tab and read over the documents and complete the intake paperwork that you will need to bring with you to your first appointment.   If you have any questions about the intake paperwork please feel free to contact us at 907.357.1999 and we will do our best to answer your questions.